Your website shouldn't be a cookie-cutter template. Customization that represents your brand and your story are essential for building a reputation that you're proud of. Together we can turn your vision into reality.

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Before and after pictures of web design and SEO projects are nice, but nothing is more rewarding than a genuine appreciation testimonial from a client. Some marketing agencies will highlight awards and certifications to boost credibility, but I believe the most influential factor when choosing between digital marketing consultants is who has a proven track record of satisfied clients. My testimonials from past and current clients are my trophies and I love to display them as such. Nothing beats the feeling of helping small to medium size law firms turn their business around during a time that is so crucial for reaching clients online. 

Latest Project.

Check out my most recent project for Spartacus Family Law, a premier family law firm located in Las Vegas, Nevada. The overall goal of the website was to emulate a sense of protection and family for those who visit. This is my second website project with the Spartacus brand with a third one on the horizon. A perfect example of how to effectively expand into different sectors of law online to generate more traffic and leads for your business.

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Florida Legal.

A recent project for Florida Legal, a renowned high-profile personal injury law firm located in Miami, Florida. Raymond Dieppa, the owner of Florida Legal, came to me looking to not only completely redesign his current website but also create and implement an SEO strategy to generate organic traffic and reach more of his potential clients in the greater Miami area.

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Website Design & Development
Search Engine Optimization
ADA Compliance

The Florida Legal project was a comprehensive digital overhaul. Not only was their entire website migrated and redesigned, but we also implement a full-scale SEO strategy to drive organic traffic to the website. As a result, Florida Legal secured a multi-million dollar case for one of the injured victims involved in the Travis Scott concert stampede by creating content targeting people who have been injured at concerts and festivals.

Digital Strategy
Identifying unmet needs, goals, opportunities, and challenges online to maximize digital goals
Improved User Experience
Smooth functioning, highly engaging, mobile-friendly, and lead generation oriented design to boost user experience
Innovative Design
Highly robust, comprehensive and custom web design to increase their law firm's online visibility
Website Speed
Tripling website speed and performance to deliver quick results and loading for their clients when using their website

Hyatt & Goldbloom.

Check out my most recent project for Hyatt & Goldbloom, one of the biggest personal injury law firms in Baltimore, MD. Hyatt & Goldbloom has been a client for over 3 years. Given the immense success we've had together targeting Baltimore, we decided it was time to refresh their original website with a new look focused on Maryland as a whole. Hyatt & Goldbloom is a perfect example of a long-term client relationship and the benefits of a consistent and holistic SEO strategy.

Client Showcase.

My portfolio is full of my client’s digital transformations. Now more than ever having an engaging website that captivates and converts clients is crucial for online success. Below are just a few examples of my recent work helping my clients achieve digital success.

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Caring Carroll.

Custom UX/UI
This target audience for this project was elders 60+ in age. As a result there needed to be specific colors contrast, text size, verbiage, and other components needed in order to satisfy their audience and provide a positive user experience.
When working with a large group of people on a project, collaboration is critical for the success of the final outcome. I couldn't have asked for better partners when working on this project with Caring Carroll.
Community Responsibility
Working with local businesses and non-profits is something I truly enjoy doing. Especially when I can see the direct benefit and value it provides for my community.

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